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Re: Git? (Was: Team maint update)

Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> If anyone is interested in how I'm doing this, I can make my Bzr repo
> public.  I should also mention  that none of this is Bzr specific 
> and it would be trivial to move this to any other modern VCS.

Just as a related data point on how small git repos are...

You don't need to store tarballs in a git repo; rather, you'd import the
content of them as upstream makes a new release.  The only
tarball-related git thing you might do is use pristine-tar, which writes
a small bit of metadata that allows you to generate a bit-identical copy
of the original tarball using only what's in the repo; but that's an
extra feature past what your setup had anyway, and those pristine-tar
bits are usually less than 10K anyhow.

My Debian convertible repo's .git is 136K.

If I look at my own HDBC tree -- the one with every single commit since
HDBC began -- it's 408K.  That's 314 commits.  The HDBC 2.1.1 tarball is
31K compressed, 143K uncompressed.

Each revision of conertible added just over 1K to the pristine-tar
branch.  So we're talking really small numbers here.  This is why I say
git is really efficient on disk.

-- John

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