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Re: Git? (Was: Team maint update)

Joachim Breitner wrote:

> thanks for setting up the Haskell group!

Wow,  this is all moving so fast.

> I’d like to kick of a (short) discussion as to what’s the best
> repository layout and VCS choice for the group is.

I don't care what VCS we use, but I would like to document how I
am currently doing my haskell related packages. I'm currently
using Bzr, but I also use SVN and Git regularly. Learning Darcs
or something else really doesn't scare me.

First of all I don't keep the upstream sources or tarballs in
the VCS, only the debian directories and a directory for storing
the md5sum and sha256sum of the upstream tarballs.

>From what I have in Bzr, I have a Makefile that does the following:

  - Retrieves the source code tarball from Cabal using the
    debian/watch info.

  - Compare the md5sum/sha256sum of the Cabal tarball against what
    is stored values in Bzr.

  - Extracts the sources.

  - Applys the debian directory.

  - Debiulds the package with  lintian enabled.

AFAIAC, the nice thing here is that I don't have huge binary chunks
in Bzr, just two text file that store the md5/sha256 sums.

Another nice feature is that chaning the upstream version, only
requires changing the debian/changelog entry and all of the above
will just work, but that instead of checking the md5/sha256 sums
it generates them instead.

> Given that we are going to maintain a large number of very similar
> packages, a common use case will be making similar adjustments to all
> packages at once. This would very much benefit from having one VCS
> repository for all packages.

This is what I have, but since there are no tarballs, the repo is
still small.

This also has the advantage that someone can  still grab the whole
repo (which minus  tarballs is small) and when they build the tiny
portion of it they need, they grab only the tarballs they need.

If anyone is interested in how I'm doing this, I can make my Bzr repo
public.  I should also mention  that none of this is Bzr specific 
and it would be trivial to move this to any other modern VCS.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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