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Re: GNOME 3.8 in unstable?

Michael Biebl wrote:

> It is. I've filed relevant bugs for it [1] and after analysing what the
> evo/eds transtion entails, will file a transition bug now.
> (We will need to update some other libs, like tp-logger, tp-farstream,
> libgweather, etc along with evo/eds 3.8

> Some other things that blocked progress on this, is webkitgtk (>= 1.10)
> not being available everywhere. Hopefully that is fixed now [2]. We
> needed a few tries to get it build on all architectures. That it takes
> several days on slower architectures to build, doesn't help to speed up
> the process.

Thanks so much for the explanation!

> If you actually want to help instead of just complain, you can pick up a
> bug from [1] and work on it.

Well, I'd love to, as I have been a loyal Debian user for over a decade and 
I am so thankful to all of you guys who keep it going! But, alas, lacking 
any real programming skills I fear there is not a lot I can actually 
contribute apart from reporting bugs. 



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