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Re: GNOME 3.8 in unstable?


On Thu, Sep 05, 2013 at 11:36:57PM +0200, Jean-Christophe Dubacq wrote:
> Le 02/09/2013 14:05, Johannes Rohr a écrit :
> > Am 21.08.2013 00:07, schrieb Ben Finney:
> >> Patrick Rudin <rudinp@solnet.ch> writes:
> >>> Johannes Rohr <jorohr@gmail.com> wrote:
> >>>> I see that something has been moving, but I wonder when the 3.8
> >>>> versions  evolution, gnome-shell, empathy etc. will make it into sid.
> >>> http://release.debian.org/transitions/html/libcogl12.html
> >>>
> >>> I would guess in the next three days...
> >> Thanks, Patrick. Is that the final transition holding GNOME 3.8 back?
> >>
> > Looking at the packages.qa.d.o pages for evolution, nautilus, empathy 
> > and gnome-shell, it doesn't look like there are any more pending 
> > transitions affecting these packages. I would thus really be very 
> > thankful to the developers if they could complete the upload of GNOME 
> > 3.8 to unstable. For me, at least Evolution 3.4 seems to work very 
> > poorly with the current mix of GNOME 3.4 and 3.8, however, filing bugs 
> > about this seems to make little sense, as I would hope that they are 
> > transient.

Yes please.  New Keyboard configuration with ibus 1.5 requires GNOME 3.8
to work nicely.

> > Or is there any principal reason not to update the remaining portions of 
> > the GNOME desktop in Debian?
> I tried ; this is currently very difficult, because systemd is quite
> intricated with gnome-shell. Switching everything at the same time (a
> new xserver-xorg-core was installed, but without any video driver) broke
> all of my system.

Anyway, with classic init in place, GNOME 3.8 seems to be working fine

I think you are still disabling systemd as configuration item and now
enabling ibus as configuration item.  So systemd should not be the
issue.  With the new experimental gnome-desktop3 package, it is nice
here with experimental/sid system of GNOME 3.8.

> BTW switching to systemd in experimental is also quite difficult because
> of a conflict with libaudit0/libaudit1 (and libaudit-common).
Systemd used to work for me, but recently I can not boot with systemd.
It seems switching root from the initramfs to the normal system requires
process ID to be 1 but my system crash complaining PID.

I am using Intel Graphics driver only (though I should have NVIDIA
here, too.)  So my experience may not be valid for fancier graphics
driver situation.


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