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Re: GNOME 3.8 in unstable?

Am 11.09.2013 13:18, schrieb Johannes Rohr:
> Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
>> On 11/09/13 12:41, Johannes Rohr wrote:
>>> And I really don't get what is still holding up GNOME 3.8.
>> Right now it's the evolution-data-server transition, which is being worked
>> on. After that happens, it'll probably be time to get mutter, gnome-shell,
>> g-s-d, g-c-c and so into unstable, bringing the last few bits of G3.8
>> there. And then, we can start getting 3.10 in, hopefully much faster this
>> time
> Emilij, thanks so much for the update. Just wondering, is that a regular 
> transition? It is not listed at http://release.debian.org/transitions/

It is. I've filed relevant bugs for it [1] and after analysing what the
evo/eds transtion entails, will file a transition bug now.
(We will need to update some other libs, like tp-logger, tp-farstream,
libgweather, etc along with evo/eds 3.8)
Some other things that blocked progress on this, is webkitgtk (>= 1.10)
not being available everywhere. Hopefully that is fixed now [2]. We
needed a few tries to get it build on all architectures. That it takes
several days on slower architectures to build, doesn't help to speed up
the process.
If you actually want to help instead of just complain, you can pick up a
bug from [1] and work on it.


[2] https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=webkitgtk
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