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Re: Minimal Base Install.

El jue, 13-05-2004 a las 17:43, -0700, Matt Brubeck escribió:
> Weaver wrote:
> > What I was commenting on was the list of dependencies for gnome-core,
> > have you checked them out? A lot of them are unnecessary when they are
> > obviously available in another form elsewhere, and arguably better.
> > Report-bug in place of bug-buddy for example.
> Bug-buddy does not do the same thing as reportbug.  Reportbug is a tool
> for using the Debian BTS.
> Bug-buddy is a crash handler for GNOME applications.  When a GNOME app
> crashes it displays a user-friendly dialog, and can optionally restart
> the crashed app and/or transmit crash data to the upstream (not Debian)
> tracking system.

And you can launch it by hand and fill a normal bug report like with
reportbug but against GNOME bugzilla. Bugbuddy was created for Debian
BTS and then migrated to bugzilla, perhaps it could be expanded again so
it supports both BTS.


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