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Re: Minimal Base Install.

On Thu, 13 May 2004, Matt Brubeck wrote:

> Bug-buddy does not do the same thing as reportbug.  Reportbug is a tool
> for using the Debian BTS.
> Bug-buddy is a crash handler for GNOME applications.  When a GNOME app
> crashes it displays a user-friendly dialog, and can optionally restart
> the crashed app and/or transmit crash data to the upstream (not Debian)
> tracking system.

That sort of confusion should be eliminated.  Both tools should end up filing a
report at BTS.  Likewise for other crash handlers for e.g. in OpenOffice.  It
would then be up to the package maintainer to decide whether to forward to
upstream immediately or whether to first help the user track the cause of bugs.

In business terms, Debian is a vendor. This means that the distro is expected to
handle ALL first-level support and only forward to the manufacturer (upstream)
when the situation truely demands.  Having different crash handlers is OK, but
the data should always go to BTS, regardless.

Getting this implemented would help tremendously in alleviating the entreprise
market's idea that Debian is an unsupported distro.  Give them a centralized
support infrastructure and they will be very happy to dump other distros in
favor of Debian.  Things like 24h support is very much secondary to the issue,
but having a coherent, centralized BTS that works accross the board is not.

This much I understand, after years of consulting on Linux issues: Businesses
don't want Debian first and foremost because it lacks that sort of polish. In
other words, great ticket tracking backend (BTS) but extremely confusing ticket
filing tools (too many of them, and not sending the report to the same team).

Martin-Éric Racine, ICT Consultant

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