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Re: Minimal Base Install.

Michael Banck wrote:

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 11:05:46PM +0800, Weaver wrote:
But I'll get there. I'll try a reboot after that, just to make sure that it shows up in gdm options.

You don't need to reboot, running, '/etc/init.d/gdm restart' as root
should be enough.
Thanks for this.

And if that doesn't work, which logically it should, I'll just install
gnome-core. I'd rather not, this 'kitchen sink' install concept feels
too much like a windows option, and not the traditional small apps
connected by pipes.

Could you please stop to blame the whole of Gnome for this bug in gdm?

I don't think I'm doing that.
If I didn't have any appreciation for Gnome over KDE and even Open Office, I wouldn't persist. Gnumeric is at least the practical working equivalent of Excel, for example.

What I was commenting on was the list of dependencies for gnome-core, have you checked them out? A lot of them are unnecessary when they are obviously available in another form elsewhere, and arguably better. Report-bug in place of bug-buddy for example. I think that plenty of other examples could be found.


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