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Re: Minimal Base Install.

Matt Brubeck wrote:

Weaver wrote:

Bug #241184 may be causing this problem ("gdm: List of Available
Sessions Lost on Upgrade"):
I'll keep this in mind, although it's a new install, not an upgrade.
But I think it's more likely that I have omitted something.

This bug affects all installations using the current version of gdm.
(The bug title says "upgrade" because the reporter started seeing the
bug only after installing the latest version.)

Which options are available from the GDM session menu, and which one did
you choose?

Just the stock standard options.
I've got two systems on mobile racks.
One, the libranet 2.8.1 that I first got into GNU/Linux with, and the new Sarge that I did a net install with off the 109MB iso, with the Beta4 installer. So, at the moment I can't be sure, but from memory it was 'default, default gnome, and two failsafe types. Everything is defintely installed, I can call it all up from a terminal emulator that I can get off an openbox submenu (I installed openbox, as well) that pops up when I click a mouse button almost off screen in the far right lower corner. It looks, after I have logged on, as if I have got a GUI backdrop with nothing on it. Being fairly new at all this, I'm not used to doing things like editing files. Emelfm I couldn't figure out right away, but mc seemed fairly logical, and I have managed to edit "exec=default" to "exec=custom", but I'm still working on how to insert Xfce into the 'default.desktop' file in /etc/dm/Sessions. But I'll get there. I'll try a reboot after that, just to make sure that it shows up in gdm options. And if that doesn't work, which logically it should, I'll just install gnome-core. I'd rather not, this 'kitchen sink' install concept feels too much like a windows option, and not the traditional small apps connected by pipes.
Regards and thanks,


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