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Re: Minimal Base Install.

Jeff Waugh wrote:

<quote who="Weaver">

No, I've already done that.

And what was inappropriate about that solution?
I can't gain access to the desktop from gdm.

There are one or two base packages I need to install in addition.
I've just got to sort out what they are.

Why do you think you need them if you don't know what they are? What
indicates to you that you need them?

I need something as a bridge from login to the desktop.
Obviously with gdm and mouse action I've got xserver-xfree86 configured, but I can't access the applications.
The session doesn't establish itself.
As single user, I have access to package managers which are in the base system anyway, so I have the means to a solution, just not sure of how to go about it. I think, reluctantly, that I have to look at packages like 'gnome-core' with a list of dependencies as long as my arm, and probably 50MBs in weight.
The world simply wasn't designed for me.
How stupid of them.


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