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gnome-panel not working in after Gnome2.2 upgrade.

Hi Guys,

I recently (just a few minutes ago) dist-updgraded (aptitude) my
unstable box to Gnome2.2. I worked fine (almost) but I'm having problems
with gnome-panel.

It (gnome-panel) starts fine (at least I think so, where can I look out
for debug messages or the like?) but it does not respond to anything.
The netspeed applet though does update (but it does not respond to

I cannot choose use the Application or Actions menus from the bar and
cannot choose a workspace, but as I said the whole area occupied by
gnome-panel does not respond to mouse-clicks. When I open a new program
either through the terminal I am not showed any errors nor does the
taskbar update (it updates and shows all the open applications after I
kill it though).

Does anybody have an idea how to fix this? What information do you need?

Kindly regards,


Mikael Olenfalk <mikael _at_ netgineers _dot_ se>

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