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Re: German 'umlaute' in gnome(-terminal)

Hi Adrian!

> > A real problem is the gnome-terminal. I can't enter german characters
> > and they are displayed as '?'.

I saw now they are sometimes displayed as unicode (?) too. Instead of
'ß' (hope this works for you) I get '\337'.

> > In the menubar Terminal -> Character Coding -> Current Locale is set to
> > ANSI_X3.4-1968. When I change that manually to ISO-8859-15 characters
> > display correct but I still can't enter them.
> > 
> > Should I file a bugreport or is this my fault? Did I miss anything?
> Are you sure that it's a problem of gnome-terminal, and not a problem of
> your bash/libreadline settings? .inputrc might sometimes play such
> games.

I'm quite sure. Everything works fine except gnome-terminal.

> Do umlauts work on the text console?

Yes they work on the console. I've installed xterm now, everything works
in a xterm too.

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