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GDM 2.4 in sid

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Has anyone heard anything about the status of GDM 2.4 in sid? The 
current maintainer of gdm has not done anything with the 
GNOME2-related wishlist bugs against gdm recently. Last I heard, he 
had not upgraded gdm because GNOME2 didn't compile on all platforms 
In any case, I uploaded a gdm2 package a few weeks ago based 
on Colin Walters' packages (from the latest 2.4 version), since 
the new GDM releases are now stable and people should be able to 
install it if they wish, and I had not received any objections to 
my gdm2 ITP. 
However, the package is still sitting in the ACCEPTED queue, as it 
has been since I uploaded it, and I haven't received any reasoning 
as to why it hasn't been added to the pool yet.

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