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Re: New creepy version in Debian, ready for more testing

Hi, Ross.

Did you find time to test creepy some more?  Since a few hours ago, all
known required python modules are present in unstable, and I am able to
run the wizard for all four plugins.  The last one added was
python-instagram.  But I lack login credentials on several of the
services, and do not like their terms of service and do not plan to get
a credentials either, so I can not test them them all.  I have tested
the Twitter, and it work for me.

Are all plugins working for you now?

Tomorrow creepy will enter testing, and I plan to upload a new version
them with the latest fixes from git.

Upstream told me he would have a look at the Debian patches in the
coming weekend, so I hope we will see a new upstream version soon after

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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