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Re: New creepy version in Debian, ready for more testing

[Ross Gammon]
> Thanks Petter for all this work on Creepy! I have just got back from my
> holidays and I am busy trying to catch up.

Thank you, and Happy new year to you all. :)

> If you can wait a couple of days, I will try and give it a spin
> (tomorrow or the next day).

Well, I would rather upload quickly, before I have to start focusing
elsewhere, and I discovered that the flickr plugin probably will not
work until the python-flickrapi package is upgraded, so I decided to
just upload right away, and close the flickr bug in a later upload.  The
version currently in unstable do not really work for any plugin, so an
upload of the current git version will be a huge improvement as at least
the twitter pluggin is working in git.

> Regarding upstream, I read somewhere that this latest version (1.4.0/1?)
> would be the last release of Creepy for the desktop. Unfortunately, I
> can't find that announcement anymore. You wouldn't believe what comes up
> when you put "creepy" into a search engine :-)

I did see it too, but can't find it either.

> I was planning to write and ask what the plans are, but your email
> should do the trick anyway, and I am intrigued to see what happens
> with your Pull Requests.

I've notified upstream about my upload of 1.4.1, and am also curious how
my pull requests will be handled, and hope he will accept the Debian

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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