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Re: New creepy version in Debian, ready for more testing

[Ross Gammon]
> I can confirm that I was able to configure the Twitter plugin and see
> where I had tweeted from in the past. :-) Not particularly exciting, as
> there were only ever 3 tweets from home last year.

Very good. :)

> Unfortunately, the google+ plugin did not work. I pushed a commit adding
> a python-dateutil dependecy to get past an Import Error and allowing the
> google icon to become visible in the plugin wizard. However, it fails
> next with this in the Log Window:
> WARNING:oauth2client.util:step2_exchange() takes at most 2 positional
> arguments (3 given)
> ERROR:2016-01-06 20:00:33,597 In googleplus.py:140: [Errno 2] No such
> file or directory
> ERROR:yapsy_loaded_plugin_GooglePlus_Plugin_0:[Errno 2] No such file or
> directory

Hm, I do not see the WARNING line you mention.  No idea why.  Could it
be avoided by adding http= in front of this line, like this?

  credentials = flow.step2_exchange(str(self.wizard.field('inputCode').toString()).strip(), http=self.http)

> I can't see what's different between line 140 in googleplus.py and the
> equivalent section of the twitter plugin. There is a os.getcwd() call to
> read a 'cacerts.txt' file earlier which looks suspect. But I don't
> understand why we don't get a different error earlier on. Unfortunately,
> I ran out of time tonight to stick some debug statements in.

Could it simply be the wrong password?  I get the "no such file" error
when I enter a bogus key in the input field.

> I have dropped the severity of the flickr bug as Creepy is now usable
> for something (Twitter). Then Creepy will finally drop off the top of
> our QA pages. \o/

Which QA page is this?

> Thanks for all you effort on this!

Thank you for sticking around too. :)

The module needed for the flickr plugin was uploaded a few minutes ago.
Perhaps it is working tomorrow? :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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