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Re: Merging GRASS upstream packaging with DebianGIS

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On 29.07.2015 15:14, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> Hi Ivan,
> On 29-07-15 14:48, Ivan Mincik wrote:
>> instead of pushing my work, I have decided to give up.
> I'm a little sad to hear that. Is there no way we can help you?
>> The initial goal was to have GRASS packaging for upstream daily 
>> builds (using Launchpad) which will be hosted on Alioth (as 
>> package grass-daily) which will be regularly synced with Debian 
>> packaging. I have started with fork of current 'experimental' 
>> branch, renamed package 'grass' to 'grass-daily'.
>> After spending last night with trying to fine tune 'grass-daily' 
>> package to be able to coexist with stable 'grass' package, I
>> have realized, that number of changes required to get it working
>> is so huge, that it will be a problem to keep it in sync with
>> Debian packaging, which was the initial goal.
> What are the many changes required?
> The biggest difference between the Debian packages and the
> upstream GRASS packages are the package names. Updating the
> packaging to use the GRASS names only takes a couple of search &
> replace commands.

Yes, this is what I did, than I have removed liblas support because of
dependency in experimental.

> The Debian packages also conflict with the upstream grass packages
> for the same version, if need to remove those
> Conflicts/Provides/Replaces in the upstream GRASS packaging. I've
> added those to the Debian packaging to make sure the official
> Debian packages are always installed in favor of the unofficial
> upstream GRASS packages, and that trying to have both installed
> doesn't end in a dependency conflict.

I have also removed those Conflicts/Provides/Replaces.

>> Now, I am changing my mind and I think, the best way would be to 
>> build daily packages in separate 'ppa' repository (grass-devel)
>> [1] without renaming them with '-daily' or '7' sufix. We will
>> loose possibility to install 'stable', 'daily' and 'grass 6'
>> together, but by my opinion, it wasn't properly working either
>> now. On the other way, GRASS upstream could follow and contribute
>> packaging on Alioth without any major problems.
>> @Martin, what do you think about it ?
>> @Sebastiaan, thank you very much for your help.
> I'd like to raise a question. If we cannot make the official
> Debian and upstream GRASS packaging co-exist in the same VCS, how
> can we make the resulting packages co-exist in Debian and Ubuntu
> via PPA?
> The co-existance of the official Debian packages and the upstream 
> GRASS packages is a problem I'd like to solve. Having the packaging
> in the same VCS was a nice start.

Sorry, maybe you didn't understand me correctly. I also definitely
want GRASS upstream packaging in Alioth, but I doubt if it is worth of
effort to support installation of daily builds together with stable
release in one system. When I have tested my 'grass-daily' package
with stable 'grass', I have realized that, more customization must be
done than those above.

Now I think, that the best option would be to have only one 'grass'
package and user will choose which version to install - stable or
daily build. No parallel installations. All builds will be done from
DebianGIS packaging on Alioth. That's all.

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