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Re: Merging GRASS upstream packaging with DebianGIS

On 27-07-15 17:32, Ivan Mincik wrote:
> On 27.07.2015 17:12, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> On 27-07-15 16:42, Ivan Mincik wrote:
>>> Hi Bas, I am trying to finish my packaging for GRASS daily 
>>> builds. I am using 'grass/master' and 'grass/upstream'
>>> branches as you proposed, but I am not sure about
>>> 'grass/pristine-tar'. There is no configuration in 'gbp.conf'
>>> to specify 'pristine-tar' branch. Is it really needed ? If yes,
>>> do you have any advice how to configure it ?
>> pristine-tar doesn't strictly require a separate branch, it's
>> just a collection of .delta & .id files. If the same tarballs are
>> used for the grass and Debian packaging the same pristine-tar
>> branch can be used, it can also be used if the filenames of the
>> tarballs differ (e.g. grass71-7.1.0~dev.orig.tar.gz). There only
>> is a problem when different tarball use the same name.
> Thanks, it was also my idea to use common 'pristine-tar' branch.
> So can I import SVN export tarball to 'pristine-tar' branch with 
> following file name format?
> grass_7.1.0~svn<revision-number>.tar.gz

The version number should be fine, but you need to rename the tarball
to include .orig:


The format for orig tarballs is:


As documented in the Debian Policy:


When using the grass71 source package name it would be:


If you configure uscan via the debian/watch file to download the
upstream tarballs, it will take care of renaming/symlinking the
upstream tarball to the Debian package specific .orig.tar.gz.

Kind Regards,


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