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Re: Merging GRASS upstream packaging with DebianGIS

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Hi Ivan,

On 29-07-15 14:48, Ivan Mincik wrote:
> instead of pushing my work, I have decided to give up.

I'm a little sad to hear that. Is there no way we can help you?

> The initial goal was to have GRASS packaging for upstream daily
> builds (using Launchpad) which will be hosted on Alioth (as
> package grass-daily) which will be regularly synced with Debian
> packaging. I have started with fork of current 'experimental'
> branch, renamed package 'grass' to 'grass-daily'.
> After spending last night with trying to fine tune 'grass-daily' 
> package to be able to coexist with stable 'grass' package, I have 
> realized, that number of changes required to get it working is so 
> huge, that it will be a problem to keep it in sync with Debian 
> packaging, which was the initial goal.

What are the many changes required?

The biggest difference between the Debian packages and the upstream
GRASS packages are the package names. Updating the packaging to use
the GRASS names only takes a couple of search & replace commands.

The Debian packages also conflict with the upstream grass packages for
the same version, if need to remove those Conflicts/Provides/Replaces
in the upstream GRASS packaging. I've added those to the Debian
packaging to make sure the official Debian packages are always
installed in favor of the unofficial upstream GRASS packages, and that
trying to have both installed doesn't end in a dependency conflict.

> Now, I am changing my mind and I think, the best way would be to
> build daily packages in separate 'ppa' repository (grass-devel) [1]
> without renaming them with '-daily' or '7' sufix. We will loose
> possibility to install 'stable', 'daily' and 'grass 6' together,
> but by my opinion, it wasn't properly working either now. On the
> other way, GRASS upstream could follow and contribute packaging on
> Alioth without any major problems.
> @Martin, what do you think about it ?
> @Sebastiaan, thank you very much for your help.

I'd like to raise a question. If we cannot make the official Debian
and upstream GRASS packaging co-exist in the same VCS, how can we make
the resulting packages co-exist in Debian and Ubuntu via PPA?

The co-existance of the official Debian packages and the upstream
GRASS packages is a problem I'd like to solve. Having the packaging in
the same VCS was a nice start.

Kind Regards,


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