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Re: Accepted gcc-defaults 1.118 (source all amd64)

On 20/05/12 22:16, Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
>> After rebuilding gpsd today I had to realize that the stack protector makes one
>> of the tools segfault since it was built with gcc 4.7. If gpsd wouldn't ship
> Actually I'm not exactly sure if it is the stack protectors' fault, but it is
> definitely a 4.7 related issue.


GCC 4.7 was blamed for this, but now I'm looking back and wondering if
that was fair, and if it was such a bad thing all of this happened.

The solution in gpsd VCS seems to have been applying a rather large
changeset, fixing things from Coverity static analysis, potential buffer
overruns and simple code bugs:


It seems the change of compiler tickled one of these bugs, made it
noticable (causing a segfault, instead of some other behaviour, which
was maybe correct or perhaps not), and then it got fixed.

So I think at least some good may have come out of the change of
compiler, even if it is decided to roll back gcc-defaults.  Most of the
work to at least get packages ready for GCC-4.7 seems done now, and
maybe the same fixes will help if there's some future switch to LLVM/Clang.

Steven Chamberlain

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