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Re: Accepted gcc-defaults 1.118 (source all amd64)

Matthias Klose <doko@debian.org> (08/05/2012):
> <adsb> mbiebl: that might be the gmp10 bug
> <doko> KiBi, can't reproduce the libchamplain ICE locally. could you do a
> local build as well?
> and I didn't get a reply on that.

Because, if you didn't get the memo, we're trying to get packages built,
which we finally managed to get. Of course reading some more lines would
have been too hard.

> strigi was fixed, the gnome-commander and hugin builds were both tried on
> brahms (and did succeed on other architectures).

Strigi needed many fixes, with a maintainer who kindly did everything
that was needed, and there were changes needed *BECAUSE OF YOU*. Read
the fucking changelog.

Gnome-commander needs a gcc 4.7 patch. Read the fucking bug report.

Hugin needs a gcc 4.7 patch. Read the fucking bug report.

> no, because it's a buildd issue, or an gmp issue, afaics. Again,
> please don't blame the compiler if you can't explain a build failure.

What you can see is bullshit. Read the fucking bugs, and patches.

> so what is the status of brahms?


> well, not deciding on the release architectures for over a year now
> makes my job difficult as well. still trying to get it done.

Changing the default compiler unilaterally, and with no prior notice,
and with no care about the ongoing needs as far as rebuilds and
transitions are concerned, is totally insane and makes our job HARDER.

Please stop being a pain in the ass. Thanks already.


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