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Re: nochmals wegen der CD / DVD zum LT

#include <hallo.h>
* Sven Hoexter [Fri, Jan 24 2003, 09:50:56PM]:
> > Why? For the compression utility? In the last version (in Sid), there is
> > a more efficient tool that does not need to keep the whole image in the
> > memory while compressing it.
> I thought that you have to write the whole iso somewhere bevor you can burn it
> but Grisu said something about doing this with pipes. I will look into this
> topic when I did my first steps with the debian-cd stuff - in one or two
> weeks I think ;)

Actually, it depends on what you mean. You have two ISO images while
mastering KNOPPIX. One is written from the native Debian filesystem and
can be compressed on the fly. The result is the big KNOPPIX file that
takes 99% of the KNOPPIX-CD. Then you need another mkisofs to create the
Knoppix-CD-ISO, together with the boot-floppy, docs, demo files, etc.
The problem is: this external mkisofs run needs to know about the file
sizes. You cannot fool it with a pipe getting data from the process
compressing the internal KNOPPIX volume.

I can imagine a way to work around this problem, using multiple
sessions. The problems:

a) It is not known wheter all BIOS types will boot from multisessions CDs
b) Knoppix' boot image needs modifications to load the KNOPPIX volume from
   a hidden session
c) Klaus' CD mastering scripts need some changes

> > Ack. An average user wants hardware detection, a simple short selection
> > of idiot-proof packages with idiot-proof defaults. Something Knoppix and
> > Mandrake can provide, but Debian cannot.
> Well using pgi might be an option but that is something I ignore for the
> moment.


> If you have more experience and would like to do it feel free :) I will play
> with it anyway for my own pleasure when I know the basics.

What about the Xandros guys? If they donate some exemplars, we could
also make good publicity.

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