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Re: nochmals wegen der CD / DVD zum LT

On Fri, Jan 24, 2003 at 07:51:15AM +0100, Michael Bramer wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 09:31:13PM +0100, Sven Hoexter wrote:

Hi Grisu,

> > Ahh and where do you want to store the iso? AFAIK on the fly creation of
> > a bootable cd is something quite complex ... ah and don't try to think of
> > a 650MB ramdisk ;) (Ok I have 1GB RAM in this box here but that is not
> > average I think)
> This is not a real problem. The 'knoppix' is in real one 'finished' 1.44
> boot-fd and one directory with <10 Files (one of this files is really
> big). 
> You can build the iso on the fly, without a ramdisk, only with pipes.
That sounds good.

> > well ok. I've DSL a CD burner and about 21GB of free disk space and only a vague
> > idea of the process mastering such a CD or DVD. I've just read through the
> > debian-cd README but I think I've to read and try a little bit more bevor I'm ready
> > to start to do something productive.
> please start with it. download debian-cd and make the first images, burn
> the first image and try it. Read the log files and understand how you
> can choose the packages for the first CD. 
Ok debmirror is working ATM.
> Maybe you can produce some package list from the last LT-CD. Have you
> this CD?
I have the CD and all stuff is still avaible from source.rfc822.org

> > I'm willing to help you where I can if you decide to be the "Master of desaster" ;)
> Maybe I can coordinate this, but I don't master a cd.
Hmmmm ok I will give my best.

> > Well sounds good and I remember that we talked about doing it for 2003 on the last
> > social event. Thought it was a joke but now it looks reasonable.
> mybe we make a DVD next year...
Ok so you agree with a CD for the moment?
> Start working!
:) ok lets do it

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