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emdebian-tools in Squeeze

With the experiments going on for Crush and the changes in
emdebian-rootfs / multistrap, emdebian-tools is going to put through
quite a set of changes and these will make it all but impossible to use
the next version of the tools to build anything except the next version
of the packages for Crush.

This was inevitable but I thought we'd have more time.

Patches in Emdebian SVN are a no-go from here on. Instead, I'll be
experimenting with keeping source packages in Emdebian - complete and
easily modified, i.e. forks. This only works with a small number of
packages, as per my email about the experiments with Crush. (One
package likely to be added for Crush builds is cairo as it has lots of
options that can be disabled.)

emsource will not be used - the patches haven't been touched in a year

emdebian-qa contains lots of useful stuff in need of updates but some
scripts will be removed there too.

chroot building will be passed over to multistrap (changes are going
into 2.1.x to support building a cross-building chroot - and this is
going to be a pair of chroots building multiple architectures. One
i386 one to build 32bit on amd64, one amd64 native to build the rest.)

Building your own versions for Crush will then be a case of making your
own source package changes and running dpkg-buildpackage -a, hopefully.
(This works because the packages chosen have the relevant
cross-building support patches applied in Debian - the changes we need
are functional only.)

Even after all this, there is absolutely no guarantee that Crush will
be usable at this stage. I'm just working on getting a few packages
built and a working system. It's quite likely that there isn't time to
get the rest of the system working before Squeeze is released. At least
if the system is in place in Squeeze, there's time to work on the glue
and the fixups after the release. Maybe.

The new system will have to simply drop scripts that cannot be
migrated. Sorry but there's no way to support both systems -
fundamentally incompatible at so many levels.

It's quite possible that apt-cross won't actually be used because the
cross builds will only need to work with a handful of packages.
Instead, the adjusted source packages could specifically list the
packages to download or have some other script to manually wget the
relevant packages. (A symptom of just how little I trust apt-cross


Neil Williams

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