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Re: How to emdebian a package

On Sat, 27 Mar 2010 23:36:01 +0100
Damia Soler <list@damia.net> wrote:

>     I am a novice with emdebian, I promise you I have searched on google 
> and emdebian website and I didn't found what I am going to ask:
>     What is the procedure to emdebiane an standar Debian package?

>     I know the standar package will work, buy I want to know if there is 
> a way to  reduce the space, or Is a  manual task on each package?  What 
> about the emdebian prefix dependencies?

man emgrip


>     I have tried to add nfs-kernel-server, and the installer tell me 
> that they needs nfs-common, when nfs-common-em was installed?

You're confusing package names with version strings. There is no
nfs-common-em, it would be nfs-common 1.2.1-3em1. You produce the em1
version using emgrip.

The nfs-common package already exists:


What doesn't exist is nfs-kernel-server - use apt-grip to obtain that
package. apt-grip needs to be run on a device of the same architecture
as the final installation until apt can be taught about multiarch.

>     Is  right to add the standard repository to an emdebian
> on sources.list?

No need. Use apt-grip instead. Part of the emdebian-grip package.



Neil Williams

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