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Re: How to emdebian a package

Hello Neil:
Thanks for the info, I am investigating  the tools but I didn't find 
tthe deb packages.

I am a running a chrooted ARMEL, with lenny-grip, and squezee-grip.
Add the dev component to your apt sources list.

deb http://www.emdebian.org/grip squeeze main dev


    I have succesfully used the apt-grip with nmap :-)

    However to install emdebian-grip  I found uncomplished dependencies  (man-db)  not covered inside grip, I had to install man-db from standard Debian squeeze, and It installs Ok. I don't know if is normal.

    I am testing emdebian grip to install it on a cheap SOHO 2SATA-bays NAS (Netgear Stora), the device it is not open by the manufacturer but the comunnity have open it, and is developing the specific not opensourced stuff. It could run standard Debian on it disks, buy It could be better if it runs Debian from its 200Mb Flash. The development is on its initial stages, if someone want more info you could visit http://hardwarehackersunite.com/

    Thanks again!

     Best regards

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