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Re: emdebian-tools in Squeeze

+++ Neil Williams [2010-03-27 22:54 +0000]:

> It's quite possible that apt-cross won't actually be used because the
> cross builds will only need to work with a handful of packages.
> Instead, the adjusted source packages could specifically list the
> packages to download or have some other script to manually wget the
> relevant packages. (A symptom of just how little I trust apt-cross
> anymore.)

I don't think that's the way to go. One of the most important aspect
of our efforts has been the generality of solutions. Apt-cross has its
limitations but there is nothing wrong at all with the concept of
automatically satisfying cross- and tool- deps in the general case.
Hopefully we can soon migrate to using apt-ma-emu to do the same job,
but much better.

Having to make (and thus maintain) a manual list for each package you
want to cross build is a major retrograde step.

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