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And hepatica apt-cross 0.0.6 and emdebian-tools 0.0.4 apt-cross 0.0.6 soon apt-cross and dpkg-cross broken on unstable ? Re: arm eabi port, patches Bug#113279: Please consider apt-cross Bug#409086: marked as done ([l10n] Czech translation of dpkg-cross debconf messages) Bug#409146: marked as done (dpkg-cross: Should split out "Choices" in debconf templates to make translators work easier) Bug#409203: marked as done (dpkg-cross: [INTL:de] initial German debconf translation) Bug#409294: dpkg-cross: [INTL:fr] French debconf translation Bug#409294: marked as done (dpkg-cross: [INTL:fr] French debconf translation) check_toolchain and old versions of gcc dpkg-cross_1.35_amd64.changes ACCEPTED dpkg-cross, dpkg-architecture and arch names Dummy Questions emsetup bug Re: gcc-4.0: arm-linux cross build mistakenly invokes native assembler Fw: [Gpe-list] New GPE daughter project - GPE Phone Edition! ID: 52728 I NEED YOUR HELP MMU and BDI2000 Netgear KWGR614 Re: [openwince-list] xoscope [OT] mod_python (was: Trac SVN browser available) [OT] Self-Made computer using standard Microchips Please consider interacting with translators when introducing new debconf templates Prima esperienza di striptease e poi sessoa nale trovi qui Processed: setting package to dpkg-cross, tagging 409086, tagging 409146, tagging 409203, tagging 409294 Processed: tagging 409146 Processing of dpkg-cross_1.35_amd64.changes Re: Self-Made computer using standard Microchips Trac SVN browser available Upload for dpkg-cross would make the French dudes happy..:-) Re: whiptail causing debconf problem With servicemen so byrne xoscope You Need a Better Degree,*{} and we can Help! The last update was on 08:11 GMT Sat Mar 08. There are 70 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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