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Re: emsetup bug

On Thu, 1 Feb 2007 03:07:29 +0000
Wookey <wookey@aleph1.co.uk> wrote:

> If you run emsetup on a fresh system it fails with:

OK. The current SVN should have fixed all but two of the gremlins in
this - more testing is due tomorrow but that's all I can do tonight.
The first remaining gremlin is that the debconf handler should not be
trying to write to ~/.dpkg-cross (it should be using /etc/something, if
at all) and emsetup should then copy that file into / create it in
~/.dpkg-cross so that the correct ownership and permissions are set.
For interim testing, just create ~/.dpkg-cross/ *before* installation
on a fresh system, then run emsetup. I'll automate this over the
weekend. The other gremlin is the nag message about unnecessary
permissions on the dpkg status data. I've already got a fix for that in
the repository handling scripts in SVN - it needs to be ported to
emdebian-tools. Again, I'll sort that over the weekend (it'll need an
updated release of apt-cross).

I'll also expand the brief emsetup manpage to explain how to configure
emdebian-tools manually - for those situations where the debconf
questions are all left blank.

I'm sure there are other bugs just waiting to be found . . .


Neil Williams

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