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Re: Self-Made computer using standard Microchips

On 2007-02-26 16:21 +0100, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hello,
> since I do not know any Mailinglists to this subject, I hope I find some
> colegous (Electronic Engineers) here.

There are no doubt better lists for hardware engineers, but we
probably have a few here.

> Now time flies and I have the need to build some ultra smal but hyper
> performant Systems.  Since you are all involved with embedded Systems,
> can you provide me with Infos Where to get ARM, MIPS and other CPU's
> and ITS SPEZIFICATIONS to build my own Computers.
> Now I have bought over 40 different ARM and MIPS based SBC's and not a
> singel one fit my needs in Speed and functionalities.

I think you would need to say what it was about these 40 boards that
did not meet your requirements before I could say anything useful
about what might satisfy you.

> My goal is, to create some customizable SBC's running Embedian and
> certainly full blown (but striped) Debian Installations.

Emdebian welcomes help to make it to being an actual distribution you
can use - we're not quite there yet. Note that Embedian is a(n
unhelpfully-named) company in Taiwan (nothing to do with emdebian).

You are in the right place for any such activity.

> For some time I have bought a MAN-2088 Supertruck (2000HP, 88 tons) to
> transport two Mobilhomes of 7.15x3x2.6 meters and it is FULL Debian
> powered from the Motor-Control over the Water-Epuration to the Clima
> System, Photopholtaik-System, Chargers and what else.  Using over 80
> CPU's (in general Am486 and SC520 but Athlon and Opteron too)

Wow - do you have web-pages on this project? It sounds quite something. 
I don't think we've had any debian self-build motorhomes on this list

> Another Question:
> Do you know Mailinglists in german or english for Electronic Engineers/
> Developers ?  Maybe with relation to OpenSource and Linux.

All the ones I know have a subject focus: bikecurrent (bicycle
eletronics), speleonics (caving electronics/low-frequency radio),
lart, balloonboard (specific SBCs), TAPR (radio ham stuff),
candlepower forums (lighting), SBMCC, Eastern MHC  (self-build
motorhomes), and so on. I do not know any for general EE's, although
there no doubt are some. 

> What I like to see is an equivalent to the Open Source Software.
> I mean, something like "Open Hardware" or such.

I just gave a talk on this at FOSDEM. There are at least 5 things
people mean by 'Open hardware': Documented interfaces, free firmware,
VHDL designs, freely-manufacturable PCBs/devices, and (I discovered at
FOSDEM) a power management software infrastructure.

The best collection of this sort of info I know of is the OpenTech CD:

> Hobby Electronic Journals like "Elector" or "ELO" are going already
> in this direction but I want to change the "Hobby" to "Professionel".

I am also interested in this area, having been making Open Hardware
SBCs since 2002 (lart). I now do it full-time (see balloonboard.org).

Principle Hats: Balloonz - Toby Churchill - Aleph One - Debian
work: http://www.aleph1.co.uk/                 play: http://wookware.org/

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