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Re: [rant] Re: Consequences of moving Emacs Manuals to non-free

On Sat, 25 Mar 2006 02:47:28 +0900, "Miles Bader" <miles@gnu.org> said:

> I think one complaint is that many debian users want to avoid what
> they consider non-free stuff.  Previously this was simple, if their
> idea of "non-free" corresponded with Debian's: they could just not
> have non-free in their sources.list.

And has this changed?  If a user's idea of "non-free" still corresponds
with Debian's they leave non-free out of their sources.list, and they
don't get things that they consider non-free.

> However now, it will be harder, because Debian is going to group
> desirable "free" (from the user's viewpoint, not debian's) stuff
> together with undesirable "really non-free" stuff.

It is just as simple for people whose view of free/non-free agrees with
Debian's as it was before, and it is just as hard for people whose view
of free/non-free disagrees with Debian's.  So I don't see that this
complaint holds much water.

Debian has to pick a definition of free/non-free for itself.  It cannot
try to cater to everyone's different definition of free.

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