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Re: [rant] Re: Consequences of moving Emacs Manuals to non-free

On 24 Mar 2006, Miles Bader said:

> 2006/3/25, Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org>:
>> Well, users, and developers, who disagree with our principles can
>> still get the non-fee documentation by adding one line to their apt
>> sources list.  If you, as a developer or a user, think the docs are
>> free, why should you care how debian has classified it?  You can
>> still get it on your box. So the interests of users and developers
>> who disagree with debian are not being catered to is an argument
>> that does not fly.
> I think one complaint is that many debian users want to avoid what
> they consider non-free stuff.  Previously this was simple, if their
> idea of "non-free" corresponded with Debian's: they could just not
> have non-free in their sources.list.  However now, it will be
> harder, because Debian is going to group desirable "free" (from the
> user's viewpoint, not debian's) stuff together with undesirable
> "really non-free" stuff.

        In other words, people are complaining that Debian developers
 views do not coincide with their own? I find this is an untenable
 position to hold.  Is it not a kind of intellectual tyranny to demand
 that the views that Debian holds on what is deemed free must conform,
 sheep-like, to the views on that topic held by other people? And to
 chastise us for, heaven forbid, having an independent opinion?

	Indeed, if all this brouhaha is people complaining that
 Debian's views are inconsistent with Right Think, I guess I disagree
 with the ministry of truth and refuse to engage in New Speak.

        Debian has made a choice. It was one arrived at after 3 years
 of debate, and thought. It was not made lightly, and not without soul
 searching. It has been made, not by whimsy of a figurehead, but by
 considered input from all active members of the project. While my
 views were not exactly the position that was selected by the project,
 I am going to abide by it. I am sorry (well, a little bit) if this
 offends y'all.

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