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Re: [rant] Re: Consequences of moving Emacs Manuals to non-free

On Wed, Mar 15, Miles Bader wrote:
In practice I guess it's just going to mean that most people end up
putting non-free in their sources.list, weakening the effect of having a
separation between "free" and "non-free" in the first place, and more
users end up confused because lack of hard dependencies will mean the
doc packages don't get installed.

It may get worse.  The maintainer of the GNU make package has just kicked
out the documentation for good, offering no substituton whatsoever.  When
somebody reported this to the BTS, he bluntly responded: "This is not a bug."
See bug #358314  (and note that the make manual does not even contain
unmodifiable sections).  If more Debian maintainers follow this example, it
will mean that people will have to download the docs from many different
places, something which is _very_ inconvenient, to say the least.

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