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AW:ANTWORT: DRINGENDE NACHRICHT Bug#948645: pesign FTBFS: nss-induced error: unsigned conversion from ‘int’ to ‘unsigned char’ changes value from ‘496’ to ‘240’ [-Werror=overflow] Bug#949190: fwupd FTBFS since August 2019 Re: Can't boot my LUKS/LVM Debian 10 on my UEFI-based Lenovo ThinkPad X390 (dual-boot with Windows) Can't boot USB on Macbook Pro 1,2 Re: efivarfs_set_variable: writing to fd 8 failed fwupd-amd64-signed_1.3.6+1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable fwupd-arm64-signed_1.3.6+1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable fwupd-armhf-signed_1.3.6+1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable fwupd-i386-signed_1.3.6+1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable fwupd_1.3.7-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Prevencion Lavado de Dinero Problem with EFI install custom Debian ISO Processed: fixed 946623 in 1.3.6-1 Processed: fixed 948600 in 1.0.0+dfsg-5, found 929531 in 2.02+dfsg1-18, tagging 946353, tagging 948740 ... Processed: fwupd FTBFS since August 2019 Processed: severity of 946623 is serious Processed: tagging 942008 Processing of fwupd-amd64-signed_1.3.6+1_source.changes Processing of fwupd-arm64-signed_1.3.6+1_source.changes Processing of fwupd-armhf-signed_1.3.6+1_source.changes Processing of fwupd-i386-signed_1.3.6+1_source.changes Processing of fwupd_1.3.7-1_source.changes Riesgos Ergonomicos en el Trabajo Riesgos Psicosocial en el Trabajo The last update was on 19:00 GMT Fri Jan 31. There are 42 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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