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Problem with EFI install custom Debian ISO

I am currently mounting my own distribution called Kaisen Linux: https://kaisen-linux.org (for project details) However, I have a concern. 
My ISO crashes (not the site but the one in preparation) when installing GRUB via the installer in UEFI, it automatically tries to install GRUB2 (therefore impossible to install, it crashes systematically at this stage), and my ISO does not contain the shim and grub-efi packages in the ISO (in the pool section), and I have done a lot of research, but I cannot find a solution to my problem after several builds. I use the live-build tools. I am attaching my configurations (ISO GRUB file, the live-build configuration file, and my preseed file), (I am still on the Debian Buster repositories) I think you can help me with my problem . 

I thank you in advance. 

Best regards 

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