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Re: Can't boot USB on Macbook Pro 1,2

Hi Sergio,

On Thu, Jan 09, 2020 at 01:45:53PM -0300, Sergio Andres Rondan wrote:
>Hi everyone.
>Im Sergio, from Argentina. I dont write english very well, but i can read it
>Here is my problem. I really cant boot any linux on a Macbook pro 1,2 core duo.
>I tried from usb and optical drive, but its the same problem: when i press the
>option (alt) key, the only option to boot is from the HDD.
>I tried several guides and tutorials, buts nothing seem to works. I think that
>is something about the EFI

I guess from what you're saying that you're trying to boot a Debian
installer or live image? Exactly which image are you trying to boot,

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