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Re: Can't boot my LUKS/LVM Debian 10 on my UEFI-based Lenovo ThinkPad X390 (dual-boot with Windows)

Hi Steve,

3 janv. 2020 à 18:56 de steve@einval.com:

> Sorry for the delayed response here - it's been a busy festive
> period... :-/
No problem, better late than never! ;)

> From catching up on the thread in debian-user, it seems that you've
> made progress and can now boot things from disk OK, but not with
> Secure Boot enabled. Is that correct?
Actually, even the latter is resolved now :)
As you can see on debian-user, I just needed a grub-install.
I don't know exactly why... Maybe because I explicitely created a Debian boot loader after the install?

Happy GNU Year & Best regards,

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