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Re: About Debian edu manual terminology, etc.

Dear Holger Levsen,

On 5/9/19 10:05 PM, Holger Levsen wrote:
well, I'm no so sure. As you told me above,
the English "Architecture" in the guide should be one of,

1. "Design" or "Design principles" in Japanese, for titles and network.
2. "CPU and/or Debian Architecture"; simple katakana works.

sounds good.

Okay. I'll try making them explicit in that way.

For the time being, I keep current "中心サーバー" in the maual.
When I'm convinced, I'll fix them.


Got it. I'll do that way.

BTW Japanese veteran IT technician tends to omit the trailing
prolonged sound symbol; however, now, including Microsoft,
those are not recommended, I guess.

It's about "-er" part of "server"/"user"/"printer",
which correspond to "ー" in Japanese.

e.g.) I'm fixing "サーバ" into "サーバー", etc.

(It WAS useful when screen-resolution/net-bandwidth/etc. are limited.)

Yes, it is hard to do; especially "client" and "workstation",
(I think most Japanese do not know/use them,
  except IT-techs and some enterprise class office workers.)

same in Germany :)


Thank you for giving your time for me.
(It seems debian-devel is very hot.)


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