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Re: About Debian edu manual terminology, etc.

Dear hoxp18,

On Thu, May 09, 2019 at 02:25:08PM +0900, hoxp18 wrote:
> and I thank you, too; You encouraged me. I'm very happy.

I'm very happy you're happy! Enjoy your journey!

> > (I'm not sure what you exactly mean here. So I will just make a general
> > comment: if you find that something is hard to translate, (usually) dont
> > try to make the translation more verbose. Instead, make the english
> > original more clear, so that all translations will benefit.)
> Perhaps, as you say, I also should consider about making
> the original more clear; it is tough for me now, lacking knowledge.

yes & yes! :)

> > the audience of the manual are *not* people who know nothing about
> > computers. the audience of the manual are teachers (and other people)
> > who have some knowledge about computers.
> > 
> > I know this is a vague definition of audience, but its better than
> > nothing ;)
> Ack. I personally assume some "computer-nerd-school-teachers";)

yup, that's good.

> > I trust you that you can find the right words in Japanese! :)
> I got it. I'll try to find the right one.


> Until then, I focus on reading/building-test-env to translate
> the no-Japanese-translation-available sections.

sounds good.

> well, I'm no so sure. As you told me above,
> the English "Architecture" in the guide should be one of,
> 1. "Design" or "Design principles" in Japanese, for titles and network.
> 2. "CPU and/or Debian Architecture"; simple katakana works.

sounds good.
> I need to build my env ASAP to confirm
> how "Debian Edu in Japanese" looks like first, then.
> Give me some time for this.


> > the current translation might very well be not the best possible one.
> > > I myself cannot decide/choose about this.
> > I hope now you can.
> For the time being, I keep current "中心サーバー" in the maual.
> When I'm convinced, I'll fix them.


> > > True. I should ask the ja-ML (not now, later...)
> > yes
> I subscribed the ML; read-only now...


> Yes, it is hard to do; especially "client" and "workstation",
> (I think most Japanese do not know/use them,
>  except IT-techs and some enterprise class office workers.)

same in Germany :)

> It is very true; writing/translating technical text simple, precise,
> and easy, is VERY difficult. You Debian Edu team did it. Wow.

and *your work* will soon be part of it!


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