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Re: stable update proposal: flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound

El dom, 27-01-2008 a las 12:43 +0100, Finn-Arne Johansen escribió:
> Petter Reinholdtsen skrev:
> > [Finn-Arne Johansen]
> >> Has this plugin been tested on a large scale basis ?
> > 
> > It is the same plugin available as libflashsupport from other sites,
> > and is claimed to be working for large sites.  I agree that it would
> > be good to have this confirmed.
> > 
> >> I suggest not to include this in the stable repository until it's
> >> been tested in a large scale, to prevent sites depending on a
> >> working solution from beeing set back by installing this.
> > 
> > Any volunteers to test it on a large scale?
> Until anyone volunteer, I suggest the upload is put on hold.

I can put it in use in a classroom next Tuesday (with 16 computers). At
the moment we were using there libflashsupport that's mostly the same
and worked without any problem. 
Also, a whole secondary school with 700 computers distributed in 42
classrooms will install it in about 15 days. The "only" problem is that
lenny and not etch will be used. If that serves as a large scale test
you can count with it.

You can also consider this school as a testing lab for any lenny Debian
Edu need for the next three or four months.

José L.

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