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Re: rc4 test (was Re: summary from the irc meeting 2007-07-09)

[Maximilian Wilhelm]
> Do you really want to set this requirement so low?

Well, as the real minimum sizes are lower, why not.

This is the sum of the current minimum partition requirements in MiB
for the different profiles and profile combination.

              amd64/i486  ppc/newworld  ppc/prep
  90edumain         1655          2872      2879
  91edumain+ltsp    5720          5867      5874
  92edumain+ws      4754          4755      4762
  94edultsp         6722          6723      6230
  96eduwork         5030          5031      5038

As you can see, the largest number is 6723 MiB.  So 8 MiB would
probably work, as long as not much extra data should be saved on the
hard drive, and 10 GiB would be good for a installation with few

(Numbers are generated using make minimum-diskreq in the
debian-edu-install source directory.)

> Do you think that there are (m)any people with hard drives smaller
> than 20/30 GB?

I have no idea.  But I have personal enjoyd the small requirement when
doing test installs in a virtual machine, so I belive we should not
inflate the requirement needlessly.

> AFAIK one magic bound of disk sizes were the disk with 8GB capacity,
> which would be sorted out with this requirement.  (Not the technical
> boundary but the real one from produced hard disks).

Right.  I suspect as you do that these are rare to come by these days,
and thus suggest 10 GiB as our recommended minimum for all profiles.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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