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Re: summary from the irc meeting 2007-07-09

On Monday 9. July 2007 22:46, Daniel Hess wrote:
>  2.3 RC5?
>        If all goes well the next release should be the final. Holger
>        suggests to decide on Friday if one more release candidate is
>        needed.

I've installed RC4 standalone profile on two different PC's yesterday from the 
net install CD i386 image. It broke both times. 

First installation complained about xserver-org was not installed properly. 

Second installation stopped in the middle. I gonna test second machine once 

I used manual partition on each machine. I gonna do the automated partitioning 
today on the second machine. 

Machine specs. Fuitsu Siemens 1100 MHz Celereon machines with 256 MB RAM and 

Best regards

Knut Yrvin
Community Manager / Developer Tools - Trolltech ASA
cell: + 47 908 95 765, phone: +47 21 60 27 58

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