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Re: rc4 test (was Re: summary from the irc meeting 2007-07-09)

[Knut Yrvin]
> I've installed rc4 workstation at a 1.2 GHz Celerion box with 20 GB HD, 
> 256 MB RAM. 
> Did autopartitioning with no separate '/home'. Everything was installed 
> on one '/.' partition. 

I did a standalone install myself, and can confirm that 3.6 GiB is
used during installation.  So that is the minimum requirement.  /usr/
used 2631 MiB and /var used 770 MiB.  I still suggest we recommend 10
GiB also for standalone installs, to make it easier to write the

> I installed with a Norwegian profile. The installation stoped this time 
> too. I switched to console 4 with the infamous Alt+F4 combination. It 
> said: 
> Fail to fetch education-chemistry version 0.817.0.edu.etch.1+svn35443

This is #1217.  No idea what is going on, but I see it too. :(

> The profile did not install: 
> inorwegian 

Actually, that is by design.  A broken design, I can assure you, but
not a build error.  The ispell dictionaries were removed from the
default installation when we tried to fit everyting into one CD, as
the myspell dictionaries used by OOo was more important to include.
I've added the ispell dictionaries to the default install.

> Rest of the installation was successful :)

Great.  We need to check the minimum sizes for the partitions again,
so the sizes mentioned above just got a little bit bigger. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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