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Re: rc4 test (was Re: summary from the irc meeting 2007-07-09)

Am Tuesday, den 10 July hub Petter Reinholdtsen folgendes in die Tasten:


> I did a standalone install myself, and can confirm that 3.6 GiB is
> used during installation.  So that is the minimum requirement.  /usr/
> used 2631 MiB and /var used 770 MiB.  I still suggest we recommend 10
> GiB also for standalone installs, to make it easier to write the
> documentation.

Do you really want to set this requirement so low?

Do you think that there are (m)any people with hard drives smaller
than 20/30 GB?

AFAIK one magic bound of disk sizes were the disk with 8GB capacity,
which would be sorted out with this requirement.
(Not the technical boundary but the real one from produced hard disks).

As one might want to store data on a standalone machine and/or want to
install some additional software it would be nice (from a user point
of view) to have enough space left on the partitions.

Just my 0,02 EUR

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