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summary from the irc meeting 2007-07-09

Beginning of the meeting: 17:00 UTC
Attendees: Petter Reinholdtsen, Holger Levsen, Ronny Aasen,
           Steffen Joeris, Daniel Hess and klaus ade johnstad

1. Who can write the summary?
   Daniel Hess volunteers to write the summary.

2. Status of the release
   2.1 Status of rc4
       The release candidate 4 of Debian-edu etch (terra) was released
       on Sunday. There are positive reports for i386 and amd64 Holger
       is just testing the ppc port. Petter hints that munin shows
       download traffic, do there are people testing it.

       Petter reports, that there had been problems with the buildds for
       amd64 and ppc not building packages. Holger saith, that
       wanna-build and the buildds are moving to isp hosting, so the
       problem will be solved soon. The packages had been build

   2.2 Remaining p1+p2 bugs
       Petter reports, that the slbackup/ldap bug (#1213) has been
       resolved. The problem was the parallel execution of one script by
       crond, because the user made an backup copy of it.

       The ltsp local device bug (#1209) will be resolved soon, an patch
       is available and will be included soon.

       The two bugs about diskless workstations (#1180 and #1210) are
       still open. To solve this bug access to at least two system is
       needed. One suggestion is to try to test it with qemu, but
       volunteers with suitable hardware are needed and welcome. 

       A new problem with an "lost and found" menu entry in norwegian
       bokmål installations has shown up. Petter and klaus have seen it
       on recent installations. A bug should be filled to track this

       Holger and Petter have had problems with network installations.
       Holger suggests, that this problems may not be limit to
       Debian-Edu but more globally related to d-i.

       Petter has worked on the minimum sizes of the lvm volumes. This
       had led to more free disk space which could later assigned to
       existing volumes.

       For bug #484 volunteers with an "Adaptec 2100S RAID controller"
       are needed.

   2.3 RC5?
       If all goes well the next release should be the final. Holger
       suggests to decide on Friday if one more release candidate is

   2.4 Release notes and press release
       There are no news since the meeting. Holger volunteers to send
       e-mails to some people to get the work done.

   2.5 Final testing
       Holger reports that upgrade test from sarge to etch are required,
       as it seems that current testing limits to fresh installations.
       Klaus reports that the KDE kiosk facility could break customised
       taskbars with manually added icons. Petter adds, that he has had
       problems with desktop files that change their locations during
       the upgrade. This should, at least, be described in the release

       Holger also reports that there is a project to create code to do
       automatic cd tests running as part of Debians "Google Summer of

       Petter asks if the selftest code should stay enabled for the
       final release. During the development circle it detected some
       network and configuration errors, which would help to resolve
       problems with an setup. It was suggested, that it could scare
       users, but the benefits are higher, so it will stay enabled.

       Petter reports, that the source dvd is not complete at the
       moment. Currently around 1296 sourcepackages are included and
       around 100 are missing. (One can check by running
       ./is-sourcedvd-complete in CD-administrator). As this is the
       first release that features a source media and the source of the
       packages are still available from the ftp archive this is not a
       problem which should block the release. The source cd contains
       isolinux code to make it bootable, that should be changed.

   2.6 and 2.7 are skipped because more input is required.

3. Release documentation
   Holger reports that the, not yet written, documentation for the etch
   based release should go into the debian-edu-doc package. There
   currently is a wikipage reserved for it under
   http://wiki.skolelinux.no/DebianEdu/Documentation/Etch/. There are
   also scripts to export the wiki to docbook and create pdf files out
   of it. The documentation should be included under 
   /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc/<CC>, where driftbook, itil and other
   documentation already is. The name for the new documentation is still
   needed. Petter suggests to go with something like "release
   documentation" and Debian-edu etch in it. Holger suggest release-doc,
   but he will think about other good names later.

   3.1 moving user howtos
       Holger suggests to split the howtos into user and developer
       parts. There should be pointers at the old locations to old
       bookmarks keep working.

       The moinmoin version used by wiki.debian.org does not provide
       docbook support. To make it easier to use it later, it is
       suggested to use wiki.skolelinux.no. Nevertheless it would be
       nice to stay at wiki.debian.org and move away from setups special
       to skolelinux.

       To contribute, please have a look at:

4. ppc
   The last release candidate did still not include powerpc as an
   official architecture. As we want to release soon, we need a decision
   about it. Petter points to popcon, which stats that approximately
   1.5% of the debian population uses ppc. Daniel suggests that there
   may be more interest on a powerpc port when commercial software
   vendors stop to support MacOS on powerpc.

   The security team should be asked, if they are willed to support
   powerpc as release architecture. If there are no objections from
   them, ppc should be released as "experimental" or some other
   declaration, that points out that powerpc is different a bit
   different from i386 and amd64 and not yet tested in a productive

5. Extremadura meeting in 2007
   Holger points out, that the wikipage at 
   http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Extremadura2007 is incomplete.
   Currently there are 4 teams for 3 timeslots. One of the teams is the
   CDD, which would be interesting for Debian-edu to join.

   Petter would prefer November as the month for a meeting.

   Please have a look at and contribute here:

6. Next meeting
   The next meeting is on Tuesday 2007-07-17, 17 UTC (19 CEST).

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