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Re: "wireless" clients

On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 09:35:35AM +0900, nigel barker wrote:
> I suppose my frustration with this is that the old boot floppy is working
> fine in mandriva2006 and FC4 with LTSP4.1. Right now I want to replace
> those terminal servers with skolelinux, but can't, unless I dump my laptop
> clients.
> It just seems (at my level of ignorance) that if it works in fedora it
> ought to be fixable to work in debian.

basically, you probably need to get the kernel used by the floppy, and
all it's modules, and put them into the chroot in the appropriate
places. that *might* be enough to get it to work.
> Is it possible to integrate other LTSP servers into a skolelinux network?

probably. :)

live well,

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