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Re: "wireless" clients

Lørdag 6. mai 2006 18:55, skrev RalfGesellensetter:
> Could anybody please elaborate on this issue? Is there a PXE version
> for WLAN? Or some disk image project cpmparable to rom-o-matic?
> Would this open new budget solutions for temporary computer labs?
> (how about batteries at this occasion)?
> Thanks
> Regards
> Ralf

Probably the closest you get to a wireless thinclient is Thinstation[1]. 

Thinstation puts a very small (6-12MB) linux installation on your 
harddrive, or you can have it boot from a cdrom, it then connects to 
your ltsp-server either via NXclient, or X(never tried this). 
(Ecotic things such as rdesktop, ica is also possible)

I have some laptops functioning as wireless thinclients using 
Thinstation. They connect using NXclient and wireless cards that 
support wpa (dlink atheros based ones).

I have for fun included the network traffic from the accesspoint that 15 
such wireless nxclients generates under realistic use; gcompris, 
openoffice, Internet, in use the whole day by pupils.

[1] http://thinstation.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/ThIndex

Klaus Ade Johnstad
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