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Re: Suggestion: Task Force Teams for PHP and other tasks.

Am Montag 08 Mai 2006 19:31 schrieb RalfGesellensetter:
> Searching the Debian Wiki for teams, I already found some. Stuff like
> PHP issues or Driver questions might have a wider audience somewhere
> there.

Meanwhile I created a Wiki Template for Debian Task Force Teams. I am 
still undecided if and to create Teams for LDAP and/or PHP/MySQL, but I 
think this could help to get a common agenda. Furthermore, entries on 
these pages are tracked by the entire Debian WIki community as they 
occur within WIki History. So we'd have some "public relations" as side 

Please have a look at this template and feel free to enhance:

As any template it can be used anywhere. Autmagically it includes 
created pages to the CategoryTeams, so team pages will be listed there.

Feedback welcome

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