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Re: "wireless" clients

Thanks for explaining Jonas

I suppose my frustration with this is that the old boot floppy is working
fine in mandriva2006 and FC4 with LTSP4.1. Right now I want to replace
those terminal servers with skolelinux, but can't, unless I dump my laptop
It just seems (at my level of ignorance) that if it works in fedora it
ought to be fixable to work in debian.

Is it possible to integrate other LTSP servers into a skolelinux network?


> LTSP floppy does all above steps - which then makes it quite inflexible
> about the environment to load afterwards, since the init and rootfs is
> on the floppy, not loaded off the network.
> Problem with pcmcia (and wireless too) is that PXE can only get youa
> single step, so even if the BIOS knows how to activate the NIC to start
> a PXE client process, the kernel still needs to access it as well. Linux
> needs userspace helper daemons to handle pcmcia and wireless, and they
> are normally available only on the final rootfs, _after_ the init has
> loaded.
> Hope that clarifies :-)
>  - Jonas
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