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Re: Custom configuration of network clients

Patrice Neff wrote:
> Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
>> You dont need to be a DD to hack on the Debian-edu source.
>> But I dont remember how to get svn access anymore, I hope you can find
>> some pointers from
>> http://developer.skolelinux.no/documentation/contributing-
>> developers.html
> Above description implies that with an account at Alioth I can check 
> out the subversion source. After I have tried that for a while, I 
> finally found out that this is not the case. The AliothFAQ in the 
> Debian Wiki says:

You should nevertheless be able to check out anonymously, BUt I Agreee,
that does not have the same effect.

>> I created my account on Alioth but I can't login via ssh
>> The alioth account doesn't imply a unix account. You get an unix 
>> account only when you're added to a project. Unix accounts are 
>> created daily, thus if you have just been added to a project,  please
>> wait 24 hours.
>> If after that delay, you still can't login, please contact the admins.
> So could one of the admins add me to the DebianEdu project?

I'm not an admin, BU I think they need to know your Alioth username

Finn-Arne Johansen
faj@bzz.no http://bzz.no/
Debian-edu Developer and Solution Provider

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